Without Borders

by Joe Hardy

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released November 25, 2016

Vocals: Joe Hardy
Guitars: Joe Hardy
Bass: Sol Hardy
Drums: Isaac Barton
Programming: David Evans, Dave Griffiths, Dave Holder
Additional Guitars on; Just As I Am, Follow You, All for You: Sam Hardy
Additional Guitars on; Through Your Eyes, Just As I Am, Dancing In The Rain: Dave Griffiths
Additional Vocals on Sing My Soul: Julie Bowsher, Vicki Pritchard, Pete Hoyles, Emma Cribben, Isaac Barton, Alisha Dean-Scott, Joseph Greenan
Producer: Dave Griffiths
Additional Production: David Evans
Engineer: David Evans, Paul Burton, Dave Holder
Mastering: Pete Maher



all rights reserved


Joe Hardy Yeovil, UK


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Track Name: Through Your Eyes
My world is small each passing day
All the choices, made my way
I can’t help but feel I’m wrong
Help me see how far Ive gone

I want to see through Your eyes
Bring sight to the blind
and set the trapped free
I am up for the ride
Put down my pride
Take the focus off me

I am small in a sea of faces
Made for love not made for hatred
Lift my gaze up help me see
Show me the man that I should be
Track Name: Follow You
Time drifts on by
I never thought it would end up this way
My world falling down
The rocks I’ve known crumble around me

I need You to show the way
The promises is that You’ll stay
I need You more each day

I will follow You
Wherever You lead me
All I have is Yours
I know You’ll never leave me

My strength is wearing thin
On my own Im getting no where
I feel like I’m sinking
Gasping for breath

Give me all I need to get through
Roads paved with Gold when I’m with You
Track Name: Connection
I've been searching
For the meaning
Why am I
Even here at all
What's the point of
My existence
Time is wasted
Where does it all go

Someone show me where to go
I’m at a fork in the road

I'm looking for connection
I'm looking for someone to hold on to
To pick me up put me back together when I’ve been broken in two
I'm looking for connection

Rest assured I'm
Only drifting
Down a current
That leads me….I don't know
Where I'm going or
What I'm doing
But I know I've
Never been before

You’ll find me wondering
Between the earth and sky
Horizon's my trapeze
My hands are stretched out wide
I stand against the wind
Balancing to survive
Looking far a head
Will I live or will I die
One day I’ll stand there
With You face to face
Knowing who I am and
The path my choices made
But now I’m living
In the in-between
Will I stay hiding
Or will I be seen
Track Name: Sing My Soul
Your word brings mountains to their knees
Your voice brings life to the earth and seas
The heavens declare Your glory to all
The skies display Your majesty lord

Sing, sing my soul
Sing my soul
With all I am
I will worship You

I'm reaching for You, I long for more
Where You lead me I will go
I raise my voice and look in Your eyes
Your glory God is my heart cry

Grace like a river
Currents of love
Mercy and justice
Flow through Your son
Father of light
Father to all
I'm overwhelmed by Your majesty lord
Track Name: Gone Away
When we sat together you weren't there
Eyes glazed over you were playing with your hair
You were gone gone away
You stared silently through me
Even when I smiled your eyes were blind to see
You were gone gone away

My days were filled with misery and grief
Hoping that you'd notice and come and be with me
But you were gone gone away
Nothing I could say would make it right
The darkness that surrounded wasn't just with you at night
You were gone gone away

There's one thing I wish you could know
I will never let you go

Then one day you left me here for good
Ending your pain in the only way you could
You were gone gone away
I still think of you each day
Hoping your suffering has finally gone away
As your gone gone away

I wish you could see me standing now
Hope is my horizon I'm getting through somehow
I'm not gone gone away
You will always have a place here in my heart
I wish we could go back and try again from the start
Before you were gone gone away
Track Name: Dancing In The Rain
Clouds are forming heavy in the sky
My heart is heavy and my soul is dry
I hit the floor I'm sinking to my knees
Wading in the mud that covers over me
I don't no where I'm going but I know
The pressure of my burdens ever grow
The ground is heavy and holding on
I need the waters to come

Dancing in, dancing in the rain
Dancing in, dancing in the rain

The rain falls down
The rain falls down
Washes over me and over you
Cleanse my soul and make me new
The rain falls down

The mud that holds and covers over all
Wraps itself around me and it takes a hold
The rain pours down and washes everything
Waters rising up around again
Rainbow painted up across the sky
The promise that Your love will never die
The colour dancing, love is calling me
I need the waters to come
Track Name: All For You
Days, roll into each other
Time, never stops to stay
Life, runs along without you
If you let it drift away

I wish every moment we have together
Would last all day

Ships, sailed without a captain
Run into the bay
Roads, left without a marking
Make you lose your way

You give my life meaning
Together we find our way

I will always love you
I will give up everything for you

Fields stretched across the landscape
Flowers don’t worry about the day
Your eyes fix upon the future
I hope they meet with mine today

I will never walk away from you
I’m here to stay

When my body withers my love will never grow old
You’ve lit the fire inside me that will never grow cold
My greatest adventure is standing by your side
In my darkest moments you make me come alive
Track Name: Just As I Am
I'm here in the still place again
Bringing You the whole of me
The weight of my pain holds me down
But In Your presence I am free

I come, Just as I am
Just as You made me
I come surrender my all
To You as an offering

Purify my heart with love
Wash me of my guilt and shame
Only You can satisfy
Only You make me whole again

You alone I long to worship
You alone I live to praise
King of Kings, mighty Saviour
Forever more I will sing Your name
Track Name: Hope Is My Song
Waves crash heavy over her head
Scars reminders of all that's been said
Her body a canvas of pain and regret
Overwhelmed by the scale of her debt

Alone again
Alone again

Hope is my song
I'll sing it for you
When you heart is empty
And broken in two
Grace given freely
For lives to be whole
Hope is my song
Hope is my song

Nights spent wasted hoping for more
Exposing her soul for crowds to ignore
Crying out for something crying out to be found
The waves of darkness still pinning her down

You are not alone
I am here with you
Though the darkness surrounds even the smallest of lights break through
There's a flicker of hope that will break out and release you
Track Name: Open Arms
How beautiful, Your love for me
Even when I turn and walk away
I take what's mine and waste it all away

When all is gone, I'm left alone
I hear Your call to come back home
No distance I run separates me from Your love

Your arms are open
You call me back to you
Your arms arms are open
I'm running back to you

I turn my back
Time and time again
Still You refuse to ever leave
You never leave

When all is gone and I'm left alone
Still You call me to come back home
No distance I run will ever separate me from Your love

Nothing can separate
Nothing can separate
Nothing can separate me
From Your love
From Your love

No distance I can run
No distance I can run
No distance I can run
From Your love, From Your love